VIBO Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in 1983. We are a Hong Kong based manufacturer for electronic premium toys, with factory sited at Huizhou City, China. presently, Vibo is serving clients worldwide as far from Europe, Middle-East,and North America. Our product lines are for some famous band names, like Disney, Wal-Mart, Simba…Etc. We are specialist on various kinds of balls. They include the Hi-Bounce Rubber Balls, Rubber Spongy Balls, Water Glitter Balls, Light Up Balls, Gel Balls, Color Change Balls, Crazy Sound Balls, Squeezing Stress Balls and Pet Toy balls.

We formulate these mentioned balls in different manufacturing processes and machineries. Our factory facilities occupy 10,000 square meters of floor space, which house numerous departments with skilled employees. Besides, Vibo’s another capability of injection and electronic toys can diversify and enrich your product design from tradition styles,

Vibo can provide a one stop production line from materials , mold shop, color spraying and imprint. Vibo always believes in its quality services and control in its products and its management strategies.This believes were proven with efforts, when Vibo successfully obtained the ISO9001:2000 certificate:QHK00206 from SGS Yarsley International Certificate services,ICTI,FCCA and GSV factory audit.

In summary, Vibo Enterprise Co., Ltd always provides the ultimate services to all its clients whether its an OEM projects or its own product-line with confidentiality and quality assured. Whenever the word Vibo is mentioned, its”quality Assurance and Services You can Trust ” .

威寶專為一些著名的企業做加工以及開發新產品OEM,像迪士尼(Disney),沃爾瑪(Wal-Mart),辛巴(Simba),玩具反斗城(Toys Rus)等。 威寶工業有限公司成立於1983年。 我們是香港玩具製造商,工廠選址在惠州市,工廠設施佔用樓面面積10,000平方米 。

目前,威寶擁有世界各地的客戶,從歐洲,中東和北美。 我們擅長於製造各種球類。它們包括高彈跳力的橡膠球,橡膠發泡球,水球,閃燈球,凝膠球,顏色變化球,瘋狂的聲音球,壓力球和寵物玩具球。 我們使用不同的製造技術,材料以及機械在製造這些球, 包括TPR,SBS,SEBS,EVA,人造橡膠以及天然橡膠。

此外,威寶擁有另一樣專長, 註塑及電子玩具的開發能力,威寶可以提供從材料,模具車間,噴塗顏色和印刷的一條龍生產線。 威寶深信提供最好品質的產品是我們威寶的使命, 威寶30年的努力,終於成功獲得了美國和英國零售協會BRC認證,也通過ICTI,GSV,FCCA,迪士尼FAMA及ISO9001:2000 以及SGS Yarsley國際認證服務QHK00206等證書。 最後,威寶企業有限公司始終提供最好的服務給所有客戶,無論是OEM專案或其品牌的產品線,保密和品質保證。“威寶“是妳首選。